Finally, back to trade fairs

Finally, back to trade fairs

Valuable professional discussions among experts, profitable new business contacts, lots of trends and inspiration for your own business, and truly goosebump moments: You can only get that at trade fairs. At real trade fairs, live on site! This is the only way to experience the industry in all its variety.

We are happy to announce that we are finally back live at trade shows.
We want to share our impressions with you in this post.

Of course, after the long time without any trade fair, there is a certain amount of tension in the run-up to the event. But already on the first day this fades away. The joy of seeing each other again in person and meeting numerous friends and business partners simply prevails. Finally, we can look at, touch and try out instruments together again. Virtually, these possibilities simply cannot be implemented one to one.

Kathrin Benedikt (Area Sales Manager, Western Europe/Europe)
describes a kind of longing for trade shows. For her, meeting people live on site is what makes
a trade show so special. You can see in the photo how much joy visiting the SFO in Paris brought.
With our French distribution partner EBC Europe, she experienced a few exciting days at the fair.

Kathrin Benedikt with Guillaume Chauvin from EBC Europe at SFO in Paris

Reinhard Grossmann (Area Sales Manager, Eastern Europe/Europe)
depicts personal meetings as the essentials of a trade fair, and he is also convinced that
business contacts benefit from personal encounters. The photo shows him at the opti in Munich.
He attended the booth of our German distribution partner EyeNovation.

Reinhard Grossmann at opti in Munich

We are all looking forward tremendously to many more live trade shows on site.

We will definitely see each other again very soon – for sure.

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