TOMEY Products

As a customer of TOMEY you enjoy the support of a skilled expert team around the world. Moreover we are dedicated to steadily improve our products to ensure the newest technology by using TOMEY systems.

Our Highlights

CASIA2 impresses with intuitive and primarily automated handling that is supported by an unbelievable measurement speed.
Optical Biometer
The perfect instrument for measuring axial length, the corneal curvature radius, corneal topography, and more in a single shot.
Multifunction Unit
Reduce your examination time down to just 90 seconds for measuring refraction, keratometry, tonometry, pachymetry, and topography.

Product Categories

Cataract & Cornea

Whether it’s cataract and cornea or the entire anterior chamber, all the appropriate devices are listed in this category.
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Glaucoma & Retina

TOMEY's products complement each other to provide a comprehensive basis for diagnosing glaucoma and retinal diseases.
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In this category you will find all TOMEY equipment used to determine the optimal visual acuity.
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Refraction Units & Furniture

TOMEY furniture provides a stable base for measuring instruments.
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