eye diagnostic  
meets patient's comfort

As a customer of TOMEY you enjoy the support of a skilled expert team around the world. Moreover we are dedicated to steadily improve our products to ensure the newest technology by using TOMEY systems.

Our promise

Technology / Innovation

Our highly motivated team of experts works continuously to develop solutions for ophthalmic diagnostics that will remain viable into the future. With the courage to innovate and curiosity about what the future has to offer, we share a common goal: to make the day-to-day work of ophthalmologists and opticians as easy and as successful as possible.

Being a patient –
without feeling like one

Our innovative and easy-to-use equipment makes the examination as comfortable as possible for every patient and is the best precondition for accurate and early diagnoses. We take care to ensure that.


Each of our employees loves what he or she does every day and puts his or her whole heart into it. An open communication at equal level with our distributors and suppliers is very important to us. In partnership and hand in hand, we always find the ideal solution for both sides.

What makes us special

We have the ambition to guarantee our customers and partners the best service possible. From customer contact on the phone to extensive repair enquiries:
You can always rely on TOMEY – across all areas and processes.
Holistic solutions
Our holistic product portfolio offers the optimal solution for every demand and requirement.
For more knowledge and exchange, we bring people from the industry together and thereby create a strong collaboration with added value for all.
A high-quality standard is the base for all that we do every day. Without any compromises and across our entire product portfolio.
We care.