Sustainability at TOMEY

May 6, 2022
Sustainability at TOMEY
Information for customers under section 19a of the German Electronic and Electrical Equipment Act and the German Batteries Act

Dear customer,
As a company placing medical electrical and electronic appliances on the market, we have a responsibility and duty to ensure these items' take-back and environmentally sound management. We are registered with the German clearing house Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register (EAR) for our TOMEY and RODENSTOCK Instruments brands (WEEE registration numberDE 20455877).

Sustainability is important to us

Our retailers are happy to take back our medical products or even accept them as payment towards new products, where applicable, to give our customers a sustainable option for dealing with used appliances from our company. In the interests of sustainability, we tryto make it possible for these used appliances to have a second life. Where regulatory constraints prevent reuse in our sales territories, we have a robust network of contacts with aid organisations and religious institutions that make functioning products available for medical use in developing countries. With this in mind, we ask you to view the crossed-out bin symbol on our old or defective appliances as a sign that these devices are recyclable and valuable items. Used appliances bearing these markings must not be discarded in the bin for unsorted municipal waste!

For the sake of the environment and in compliance with the German Batteries Act (BattG)

Removable batteries must be taken out of appliances prior to their disposal. These batteries must be handled separately. The same is true for light bulbs that can be removed from the used appliance without being destroyed.

GDPR. Protecting your personal information

We are pleased that you want to use our services for the sustainable management of our products. We would like to advise you that end users must delete their personal data from used appliances and are responsible for doing so.

Kind regards, 

Christa Papesch
General Manager

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