Optical Biometer

OA-2000 is the ideal instrument for measuring axial length, the corneal curvature radius, corneal topography, and more in a single shot. High penetration capability is available using the Fourier domain method, which enables high speed scans.

Excellent features

  • Axial length
  • ACD and LENS thickness
  • Topography keratometer
  • All parameters – with only one measurement
  • Pachymetry
  • White to White
  • Pupil diameter
  • IOL Ray Tracing Calculation
  • Integrated printer

Product Video

Advanced IOL Calculation / Ray Tracing

The OA-2000 integrates topography, axial length, lens thickness and pachymetry which yield excellent data set for ray tracing. This assures very good results even in exceptional eye conditions or Toric IOL calculation. No matter if you use standard formulas or ray tracing calculation – both options are possible with the OA-2000.

New Technology

With the new TOMEY Fourier domain A-scan technology you are able to measure almost all cases of dense cataract. Rare cases of really mature lenses can be covered by our AL-4000 ultrasound handheld device, which is communicating with the OA-2000 via bluetooth.

"OA-2000 outputs a flawless, fully automated optical biometry in just a few seconds. As easy to operate as it is innovative. An ideal synergy!"

Cesar C.

Medical technology meets scientific expertise

Every surgeon can preset own individual settings in regards to formulae and preferred IOL models. IOL data can be imported through the IOLCON platform, which is up to date. Toric IOL calculation is made easy with the integrated Olsen formula or the optional OKULIX or Barrett formula.

Screen Pictures
Measurement screen
Okulix IOL calculation
IOL calculation sheet
Toric planning
Dual view measurement


OA-2000 brochure (PDF)

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