Automated Chart Projector

Automated Chart Projector

With its top selection of 42 charts, TCP-4042 includes all that’s essential for successfully performing a refraction. The chart projector not only provides standard optotypes for measuring visual acuity; it also comes with tests for astigmatism, binocular balance, fixation disparity, fusion, and stereo vision. Operate the TCP-4042 as a stand-alone device along with Trial Frame 10 and Trial Lens Set 266 – or take advantage of its convenient compatibility with TAP-2000.

Excellent features

  • Bright and clear chart projection
  • Smart selection of charts
  • Connection to TAP-2000
  • Refined design and compact size
  • Convenient focus adjustment
  • Maintenance-free LED light

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TCP-4042 brochure (PDF)

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