apEye – Eye prostheses from the 3D printer

January 24, 2023
apEye – Eye prostheses from the 3D printer
The future of artificial eyes

apEye opens up a whole new range of possibilities in diagnostics and the 3D manufacture of ocular prosthetics. A digital workflow that for the patient is simple, efficient and pain free. The focus is on people. More precise, the patients who depend on an "artificial prosthetic Eye" – apEye for short – but also the treating doctors and ocularists. Everyone benefits from the scientific and technical advances that have been brought together with the 3D-printed ocular prosthetic. A technology breakthrough that showcases true colours and unique iris topography.

How apEye works

The treatment begins at the hospital or clinic where the preconditions for the production of the artificial eye are medically assessed. The patient is then referred to an ocularist who conducts contactless measurement of the healthy eye and the empty eye socket in only seconds using the TOMEY CASIA2 Cornea / Anterior Segment OCT. Depending on the hospital or clinic, after only a few weeks the printed apEye is returned to the ocularist who then fits it perfectly in consultation with the patient. The process is completely painless. Regular follow-up appointments are made to ensure that the artificial eye meets the requirements in terms of fit and look.

In the focus of media attention

Currently apEye is still in a clinical test phase, but various media are already reporting about this world innovation. For example, take a look at this report about 3D printing in eye tumor treatment on TEDx Talks. About minute 8, Professor Mandeep Sagoo also talks about the process including TOMEY CASIA2:

Please visit www.apeye.co.uk for more information about apEye and the partners who make it all happen.

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