Multifunction Unit

The MR-6000 delivers a smart combination of five different eye examinations and a Dry Eye observation app. Along with the advantage of automatic alignment, this means that the ­MR-6000 speeds up your workflow and makes it more efficient.

Excellent features

  • 5 + 1: Ref, Kerato, Tono, Pachy, Topo, Dry Eye observation app
  • Cone interchange in just 4 seconds
  • Auto alignment and auto measurement
  • Quick refraction mode
  • Pupil and cornea ø measurement

Product Video

Refraction + Keratometry

Get accurate measurement values for Refraction and Keratometry due to an improved measurement principle.

Quick Refraction Mode

The Quick Ref Mode allows refraction values within seconds despite fixation loss e.g. for patients with Nystagmus, children or uncooperative patients.

Tonometry + Pachymetry

A new generation of air flow technology causes a friendly and gentle air puff. The automated IOP correction is taking account of Pachymetry values to get reliable IOP values.


16 Mire Rings examine an area 8 mm in diameter. Various topography maps, including Fourier analysis, provide a wide range of options for visualising corneal shape.

Dry Eye observation app

Blinking frequency, Tear meniscus height, Hyperemia and Meibomian Glands observation all together help to assess Dry Eye.

“It’s appealing to work with high-end technology devices and learn about their benefits for medical treatment.”

Katharina K.

Simplicity meets variety

The MR-6000 is versatile for eye examinations such as determining objective refraction, visualising the corneal surface and detecting abnormalities. In combination with the measurement of the IOP and the C.IOP in context of glaucoma screening as well as the analysis of dry eye, the MR-6000 is an absolute all-rounder.

Screen Pictures
Refraction, keratometry, tonometry, and pachymetry
Dry eye observation – Meibomian glands
Dry eye observation – Tear meniscus height
Topography – Dual map
Topography – Fourier analysis


MR-6000 brochure (PDF)

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